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When it comes to auto trim design, great looks mean nothing if the item is made from substandard materials. Auto accessories must be as good as or exceed original equipment manufacturer's quality, particularly billet grills. They must survive continuous exposure to harsh weather, sunlight and dampness. Plus, they come in constant contact with everything in the traffic pattern—truck debris, metal parts, rocks, animals, insects—all of which come flying at you every time you drive down the road.

That is why S.E.S. Trims always uses only the finest and strongest materials to ensure even in the harshest conditions that it will last a lifetime.

Known all over the world for its strength and rust resistance, stainless steel is a popular metal used for manufacturing billet grills. The reason that it resists rust so successfully is its high chromium content. In fact, for steel to be considered stainless, it must contain at least 10.5% chromium.

As with aluminum, types of stainless steel vary. Of the two types used in billet grills, the less costly 409 series is commonly used for many different automotive accessories because of its sturdiness. The other type of stainless steel, 304, is another popular automotive metal chosen for its much brighter and better finish. It has higher chromium content for the ultimate in corrosion resistance. S.E.S. Trims uses only 304 stainless and then the finish is triple chrome-plated, an S.E.S. exclusive.

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