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We use paint codes to determine the exact color to paint your product.  Our computerized mixing platform accepts this data and precisely matches the paint color to he factory specifications.  Therefore, the paint code is very important when you are ordering a custom painted product.

Paint codes are located in different places on different cars.  Two cars from the same manufacturer and model year may have the information sticker in different places.  There is no industry standard as to the location of the paint code label.  Likewise, there is no standard as to what a paint code looks like.  Your paint code may be numbers, letters or a combination of both.

If you have the factory sticker from your car, the full color name and/or paint code should be located on it.  Input one value (preferably both) in the proper text boxes when ordering a painted product.  If you don't have the sticker, don't worry.  We can still find the paint code.

Below, we have published some guidelines on how to find your paint code.

You can also check your vehicle's owner's manual.  It may tell you the location of the identification label with the paint code.  If you are still unable to find your vehicle's paint code, CONTACT US.  Would would be happy to assist you.

Visit one of these web sites for Paint Info:
Scroll down to bottom of page for PAINT CODE TAG LOCATION.